Howard should have seen red more then once in this game


Do any of y’all have anime tv show suggestions because I’ve never watched any good ones, and if there are good character-driven, well-crafted universes, I want in.

I don’t usually watch anime a lot because I just can’t get into the show/characters/ stuff buuuuuut I just finished watching Love, Chunibyo & other Delusions which was suggested to me from a linkshell friend on Final Fantasy XIV.  It’s basically about a kid (Yuuta) who enters high school and he doesn’t know anyone.  Which is good in his mind, because he had this previous stage in his life when he was growing up where he imagined he was this strong dark magic wielding hero, but now he’s embarrassed by it.  (In the show they call it Chunibyo, which is called “eighth grade syndrome.”)  Then in his first class of high school, a girl (Rikka) comes up to him and she has chunibyo too, and says that she has a Tyrant Eye that is the most powerful in the world.

Then the show adds more characters, some with chunibyo, some who are embarrassed by their pasts, etc.  The thing I love the most about the show though is that these people with chunibyo come up with really crazy imaginary worlds/weapons/attacks to fight each other with.  And then while they’re fighting these amazing battles, it also shows you that they’re just hitting each other with every day items. 

There are only 24 episodes though so hopefully they make a season 3.  Also maybe you’ve watched it idk sorry but yeah there’s my suggestion!


Wayne Rooney was originally casted to play Kate Winslett’s part as Rose in James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster film Titanic, but his obligations to the Everton Academy kept him from playing the role.



i still really wish timmy demolished costa


#fbf to one of the best moments of my life. Upfront at a private Mumford & Sons show with under 200 people taken with a lousy iPhone 3GS

mama bear tim howard



Shout out to my non-soccer followers who must be so much happier without this sport to ruin their lives.


Tim Howard of Everton confronts Diego Costa of Chelsea.



- we got 3 goals into chelsea, that’s obviously a plus
- eto’o had an awesome run, looking forward to him a LOT
- the albino prince continues to be awesome
- super kev
- the seamus OG was really unfortunate and diego costa is an asshole
- i was hoping that tim howard was gonna maul diego costa’s face


- dunno what is going on with jags/the milkman but that’s gotta stop
- not saying to drop them from the team but yeah
- i miss ross